Company Introduction
Mofac & Alfred, Inc. is founded on creativity, design, and technique and as a collaborative creative studio which has expanded its business in diverse media content.
Mofac & Alfred, Inc. has a solid background in VFX and Commercials, with works for over 200 films and 100 trailers, in the span of 20 years.
Mofac & Alfred is becoming internationally recognized and cementing its place as an industry leader. For decades the company has accumulated wealth in experience and built technological expertise to expand its potential and influence in the business of media content (IP). Mofac & Alfred is determined to promote innovation and creativity as a collaborative studio.
After proving growth potential in the Chinese film market, Mofac & Alfred has made partnerships with various entities and signed an exclusive contract with a major Hollywood studio to further develop larger-scale projects. The studio seeks to establish a solid infrastructure for each unique division, including film, animation, promotional videos, broadcasting, game, character branding, etc. and explore business possibilities in investment/distribution. By continuously advancing in various areas in media, Mofac & Alfred is on its way to become a global creative studio.
Work Scope
Our in-house productions are progressing on a wide-scale in all areas:
Film and Animation story content development and production.
Commercial and promotional projects, movie trailers, etc.
Specialized VFX projects for film and TV Drama, Character merchandising and licensing business.
On a basis, the department is responsible for idea conception and development, but they also aim to expand the potential for online business, entering the market abroad, and collaborating with other entities. Starting with film director/CEO Wooseok Yang's The Attorney (2013) that captivated 11million audiences, the Media Content Department supports the production by working with the core of creative storytelling. Recently, the department has worked from script development to concept art & storyboarding for animation projects, such as Aaron Lim's Bernard Bear (2007) and Kyung-min Woo's Johnny Express (2014). Keeping the work within the 'in-house' system until reaching production, the department is currently working on opportunities for joint film productions with Chinese and Hollywood studios and enter the global film industry.
Since 2003, Alfred Image Works, Inc. developed an impressive repertoire of projects and continues to expand its business in a larger scale, specializing mainly in three divisions. Its Division 1 works mainly on trailers and promotional videos with character design or CG.
Division 2 implements distinctive style into motion graphics for opening titles, Leaderfilm, broadcasting design, and promotional videos. Division 3 is based around on-set productions, creating TV commercials, music videos and viral videos.
Launched in 1995, Mofac Studio, Inc. has provided quality VFX for over 200 feature films and TV dramas, while also creating countless commercial projects and trailers. Mofac Studio was the first in the nation to form a matte painting and FX team and now has highly qualified teams in Concept Design, Asset, Animation, Lighting, 2D Composite, R&D, Supervising, and Production, with over 100 professionals as employees. It has also developed its own DB management system and continues to be a pioneer for the Korean VFX industry for its best FX simulation technology in Asia.
History & Awards
Mofac & Alfred History
1994 Mofac Studio established
2003 Alfred Imageworks founded
2004 Mofac Studio incorporated
2010 Alfred Imageworks incorporated
2010 Mofac Studio, Inc. Gwangju branch established
2015 Mofac & Alfred merger
Mofac & Alfred Awards
2002 1st Korean Film Awards / VFX Award | Volcano High School (2001)
2002 23rd Blue Dragon Film Awards / Technical Grand Prix | 2009 Lost Memories (2001)
2002 39th Blue Bell Film Festival / Technical Grand Prix | 2009 Lost Memories (2001)
2002 “My Style” by Cho PD The Golden Disk Best Music Video Award
2003 “Flower” by Lee Seung Hwan The Golden Disk Best Music Video Director Award
2004 “Friend” by Cho PD KM Music Festival Best Music Video Award
2005 “It's raining” by Rain MTV Music Award Japan best buzz asia Award
2007 MBC / TV Drama / Achievement Award | The Legend of Great King and Four Gods (2007)
2008 “Nobody” by Wonder Girls KM Music Festival Best Music Video Director, Best Music Video, Best Female Group, Song of the Year
2010 30th Blue Dragon Awards / Technical Grand Prix | Haeundae (2009)
2012 Siggraph Asia 2012 Electronic Theater | FreeStyle2 – Buzzer Beater
2014 “Make break make MV” by Hyundai Card TVCF Award Silver prize
2015 Korea Content Awards / Korea / Ministry of Culture, Sports and tourism award
Johnny Express Awards
2015 9th Centre Culturel Coréen à Paris / France / Kumho Tire Best Scenario Prize
2015 New York International Children's Film Festival / USA / Grand Prize: Short Film, Special Jury Award: Best Animated Short
2015 The 19th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival / Korea / Choice Award
2015 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the Saatchi & Saatchi 25th Annual New Directors’ Showcase / France / Best Popularity Award
2015 International Animated Film Festival KROK / Russia / Special Jury award
2015 Fantoche Film Festival / Switzerland / Children’s Adience Award, Selection Best Kids Film
2015 ONE Country ONE Film / France / Young Public Award
2015 TBS 17th Digicon 6 Asia / Japan / dc6 Regional Gold Award
2015 2nd SF award / Korea / Grand Prize